Mini Foldable Crossbow





Introduction: Mini Foldable Crossbow

A small foldable crossbow made from popsicle sticks and toothpicks. I will make an instructable if enough people ask.



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Questions & Answers


Hey guys, in four days this instructable will turn one year old so I've decided do give an update. First of all, I haven't checked in on this instructable in a long time due to school and those darn college apps and I wasn't anticipating this much interest in this crossbow-ish toothpick shooter. With that said, the tutorial for building this is in the works and is nearly complete; it's just that I've been taking my time to make sure that every step I easy to understand with plenty of photos and tips to help along the way (I don't want to make any mistakes, with this being my first instructable and all).

But for those of you who can't wait, there's a picture of the plans attached.Just keep in mind that you'll need to sand some of them down into their final form. Also, before you drill the holes, check to make sure that the limbs are able move freely.

so, when is it going to be ready

guys, lets give him a five month deadline and if he doesnt finish d instructable by then dont follow him and dont favourite the instructable

let him do what he wants and take as much time as he wants

please make a video on youtube

have a happy christmas soon hintoye!!!! :D

What is the rubber band on the bottom for?