Introduction: Mini-Fridge Lock

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The Mini-Fridge Lock is a deterrent of theft from fridges. This kind of theft is stereotypically highest in college dorms, so this contest is entered in the "Dorm Hacks" contest. This could easily be improved be getting screws that only go in one way, but I wanted mine to be removable.

Disclaimer: This invention is not guaranteed to prevent theft.

Step 1: Laser Cutting

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The file for lasering can be found here, it is the file named fridgelockacrylic.dwg. I used 6mm thick acrylic for the longest piece so that it is rigid, I used 3mm acrylic for the other two parts. I used black and clear, but the color does not matter. Although all black would look really good.

Step 2: 3d Printing

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The file for 3d printing can be found here, it is called fridgelockpin.stl. The higher infill you use, the stronger it will be, I used 25% and it seems to be very strong. The model that is available is 7.34mm wide, so if your hole is a different size, you can draw your own pin, or try to modify the one I made.

Step 3: Nuts and Bolts (screws and Washers)

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To find the correct screw size you are going to need to take the cover off the door hinge. Then unscrew one of the screws and bring it to a hardware store. Find a nut that fits the screw, and then use the nut to find a screw that fits the nut. Then buy 2 of the screws and 2 washers for the screws. I spent about $1 on all the hardware.

Step 4: Counter-bore + Assemble

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The counterbore and assembly steps are on this YouTube video. I hope you found this instructable as a helpful to make one yourself. If you did find this helpful, please vote for me in the Dorm Hacks contest. Feel free to comment If you have any improvement ideas, comments, or just want to talk.


ThirdEarthDesign (author)2016-10-12

Nice idea, but I can't let my girlfriend see this or access to the many sweet things kept in the fridge will be severely limited :-p

My girlfriend wouldn't loose 50#'s like Marie!

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