5cm long glider with an 8cm wing span

Step 1:

Things needed
1. Paper
2. Pen
3. Rule
4. Scissor

First: draw the diagram as shown in the image.

<p>mines can't fly do you have to chuck it?</p>
<p>can you please pass me a copy <a href="mailto:Curtis.petagna869@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">Curtis.petagna869@gmail.com</a> thanks</p>
great idea. it really flies.
<p>Can it flying?</p>
Good photos! Do you still have the original design? Can you scan it in to make it easier to cut out and put together?
I just drew it in Autocad. If you like I can send you a copy (in .pdf if you prefer). Shoot me an email if you'd like a copy.
would you gave me one ? and my email ardress is li_zepeng@126.com thank you ! it is very kind of you ! wait for your copy!
can you please pass me a copy - doctoradi@gmail.com
Nice! Now I can spam you! <br>Just joking, never mind
Mmm... Autocad. That things kinda tricky to use. I'm taking a pre-engineering class in my 9th grade right now and the program is very hard to use with triangles... but autocad is a great solution. I'll try it when I get to school tomorrow.
hate to be grammar police, but it's &quot;you're&quot; done - you know, you + are = you're?<br><br>nice little glider
Grammar police:<br><br>&quot;Hate&quot;, not &quot;hate&quot;.<br><br>&quot;Nice&quot; not &quot;nice&quot;.<br><br>&quot;glider.&quot; not &quot;glider&quot;
@rawknexstuff<br>how do u do that to ur profile pic?
Inkscape (simple scalable vector graphics drawing program) <br>
So you agree there should be some standards?
I'll just leave this here.
that picture is ugly
Well played, well played.
very nicely played!!
Yes, I do.
That's really cool. It took a little bit to get it to fly but it's really fun.
does it fly ?
mine didn't<br>
Mine didn't either
the measures have to be very accurate
yes it does...
this is soooo cool !!!! micro glider rocks ;-) <br>
Great Tutorial
you should add a pdf design that people can print
if your plane is too light, you can staple the front. <br>Btw nice work.
The plane I made was too front heavy. It just did a nose dive.
dose it work<br>
yes it works
wow this is cool
nice plane!!! for some reason my plane dives down and rises up, but good job!!! :)
Mine does it too. Most of the time that is. I just finished it and I think it's cool.
kewl ! ! all ready to make it, cant wait!!
Ohh this is super cool they are soo tiny. I made a PDF too. But i added a little color. Thands for Instructable i would have never thought to just make this but when i saw this i had to try. I made my nose wrapp aroound a little longer
Nice artworks, thanks!
Nice work man they look really cool in the sky!!!
thank you!!! i had such a hard time drawing it myelf
i didnt think it would actually fly but it did...i threw it hard and it did a fast little loop...big loop for its size
Would this work if you make a similar shape but still in the same proportion? As in similar I mean same proportion.
These planes are perfect size to put a toothpick in the middle.
does it fly?<br>
Hi there, It's a bit of a mistake to say that the area of paper on each side should be the same. Actually, it should be that the *moment* should be the same each way, and that the plane should balance on the dotted line.<br><br>Imagine the plane as a teeter-totter balanced on the dotted line. If you have a very long tail, a very small mass will require a large mass added at the nose to balance it out.<br><br>If, as in the example, the tail weighs 0.5cm * 2.6cm, and it is on average 2.75 cm from the center of gravity (CG), the tail's moment is 0.5 * 2.6 * 2.75. (I'm ignoring the actual mass of the paper, assume it's constant). <br><br>With a little algebra (well, a lot of simple algebra) you can calculate the needed length. But... in reality, it's probably just easier to make the nose-wrap-around thingy much too long, and trim it until you like how it flys :-)<br><br>
Hey you are right!<br>The equation to achieve horizontal equilibrium must be applied here. <br>But it is almost immpossible to measure the weight of the paper. Then <br>the weight of the paper must be taken as a constant as you said and must be multiplied by the area.<br><br>Thanks a lot.

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