Introduction: Mini Glock.

Picture of Mini Glock.

The mini glock.
this gun is very small and have power.
i hope you like him.
pleas place a comment when you like him or when you have questions.
don't forgot to rate my gun.

Step 1: The Body and the Mag.

Picture of The Body and the Mag.

This gun is so small that you can make the body and the mag in one step.

Step 2: The Trigger.

Picture of The Trigger.

The trigger.

Step 3: Add the Last Things.....

Picture of Add the Last Things.....


Step 4: The Ram for Shooting and for the Mag.

Picture of The Ram for Shooting and for the Mag.

make this.

Step 5: The Rubber Bands

Picture of The Rubber Bands

Rubber bands.

Step 6: Done!

don't forgot to rate my gun.
have fun whit the gun.


SN1P3RL0RD (author)2013-04-23

well then whats the point of building it

jaffawarrior1 (author)2013-01-14

love it

KNEXFRANTIC (author)2011-10-05

quite troling fu !!!!!!!!!

brammeke11 (author)2009-07-20

It shoots good, but it is not a glock.
A glock shoot his bullets out like a machine gun, in one long burst.
3.5* for the effort

Wrong there is a switch on the glock and it makes it fully auto but most of time it is semiautomatic plus how abot you make a knex maghine pistol

DrWeird117 (author)brammeke112009-07-22

No, it's not. Where have you been? Glock is the name of a firearms company. -D

FlutterTree (author)DrWeird1172010-02-20

OMG WHAT DID YOU DO DrWeird117????? YOUR SMILEY ONLY HAS ONE EYE!!!!! Oh, by the way, it's missing sights.

DrWeird117 (author)FlutterTree2010-02-20

ZOMG! Smiley Hospital!

FlutterTree (author)DrWeird1172010-02-21

I'll call an ambulance!

brammeke11 (author)DrWeird1172009-07-23

K, but the burst version is the most famous of them all

DrWeird117 (author)brammeke112009-07-23

There is no burst version. Unless you mean the Glock 18. The most known model is the 17 model.

knexfan9182 (author)DrWeird1172009-08-17

the glock 21 can shoot in three round burst.

DrWeird117 (author)knexfan91822009-08-18

It can?

brammeke11 (author)DrWeird1172009-07-24

Yes I mean the glock 18, and its famous because its used in The Matrix

DrWeird117 (author)brammeke112009-07-24


brammeke11 (author)DrWeird1172009-07-24

I'm talking about this baby here

FlutterTree (author)brammeke112010-01-25

4.5* 'cause it's so easy to carry in your pocket and powerful, but it's missing something, and I can't seem to figure out what it is...

DJ Radio (author)brammeke112009-07-20

we cant replicate EVERYTHING that a real gun has out of knex.

brammeke11 (author)DJ Radio2009-07-21

Then call it something like 6-shot minigun, or so

DJ Radio (author)brammeke112009-07-21

why bother? I dont see why people complain about names of guns anyways, its not that important, unless you are naming it after a real gun, and its not a replica.

brammeke11 (author)DJ Radio2009-07-22

Ok, oK you'r right I just want some attention ;( Just kidding lol Your gun is gr8

estar357 (author)2010-05-31

this will probably sound stupid but how do you fire the gun? :L ^-^

noodleman97 (author)estar3572010-07-29

I agree completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This gun STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .5

cantbesaved (author)2010-03-12

this gun is over complicated and the blurry pics dont help
please fix these pics

charge11595 (author)2010-02-26

 Great gun and instructable, but the pics are a bit blurry.

KnexFreek (author)2010-01-22


x-soki-x (author)2010-01-05

most of the pictures are not very clear. so could you please re-do this instrutable with better pictures and more detale please.

ArceusX0 (author)2009-12-05

Very well done! Spectacular! Impressive gun, but my rubber bands weren't the right ones, maybe.... Also, I couldn't find good enough ammo................ Still, a good gun!

gangang (author)2009-09-14

how do you post ibles

Lowney (author)gangang2009-10-14

 At the top there is a link that says "submit"

theknexmaster (author)2009-08-20

lol but he shoots good?

Its a he? I was going to post a comment saying sexy now i have to write "handsome and brazillian bikini waxed"

knex_mepalm (author)2009-10-06

crappest glock eva

stevenh429 (author)2009-09-27

i like this

madknexman (author)2009-09-09

this is great its broply the smallest with a mag :D great

gangang (author)2009-09-05

i made one more and heavily cusyomized my old one

poserboy123 (author)2009-09-01

mix and match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gangang (author)2009-08-27

made this, modded this(little),what ammo does it use?

Fred da Bunny (author)gangang2009-09-01

little greens

theknexmaster (author)2009-08-27

it shoots gray connectors.

gangang (author)2009-08-27


gangang (author)2009-08-27

size of my hand

gangang (author)2009-08-27

shoots great

gangang (author)2009-08-27

this is bulky

gangang (author)2009-08-27


StarkIndustries (author)2009-08-04

this was the worst gun gun EVER made! it jammed ALL the time and I couldn't even fire it! }=(

theknexmaster (author)2009-07-31

lol i have make the gun and give him a name. I know it's doesn't look like a glock.

jimbob the great (author)2009-07-28

best small gun on site 5*

Liuet_Jonah (author)2009-07-21

Can someone redo this instructable with better pics and with more than 1 step for the body?

DJ Radio (author)2009-07-20

looks decent, I think its smaller than el mosquito, but no cookie. 3.5*

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