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I made this mini-gun prop for halloween. I have yet to figure out what to do with it. Maybe I'll be the terminator for halloween.

Step 1: Materials

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What you need:
self tapping screws
screw driver

Step 2: Dissassemble the Telescope

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Start by taking the legs off then separate the inside part from the outside part.

Step 3: The Cutting

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Cut the telescope body about 3" from where it mounted to the legs and cut ti again about 4" From where the end screws on.

Step 4:

Step 5: The Barrels

Picture of The Barrels

Next take the inside legs and screw them to the body.

Step 6: Attach the Handle

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Take the mount thing and put it back where it came from and put a handle on the end.

Step 7: Attach the Fuel Hose

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Next we attach a hose to the back for "fuel". I used an air hose. I put the hose in a backpack to conseal the end.

Step 8: Paint

Picture of Paint

Now we just need to paint it.


wjohnson.2019 (author)2013-07-07

you should add some things to the main body for added realism. still looks cool. :)

Hephestus (author)2011-02-01

looks more like a flamethrower :D but awesome

skittlespider (author)2010-10-04

I do hope that was a broken/found telescope. If not you are braver than I am. I couldn't bare to ruin a perfectly good telescope.

icemanwpg (author)skittlespider2010-11-07

You can use an Ibex or PVC pipes at your local hardware store to accomplish the same thing without having to ruin a telescope or trying to find a broken one even...!

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