****     Greetings Starfighter!  You've been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Kodan armada....      ******

Straight from the 1984 movie 'The Last Starfighter' here's a project to create the Gunstar, a heavy fighter that single handedly took out an entire fleet of Kodan Deck Fighters and their command ship.

The popsicle stick model itself was literally "heavy" since it required nine (9) laminated pieces of tongue depressor-sized popsicle sticks for the fuselage, four (4) pieces of regular popsicle sticks for each engine assembly (the model has a total of four engines!), and sixteen (16) pieces of tongue depressor-sized popsicle sticks to complete each wing (the model has two wings!). This made the finished model weigh a lot more than previous popsicle stick mini models.

I estimated the complexity of the project to be 8 out of 10 due to the heavy grinding, sanding and shaping done to complete the model.  Overall, this was a very interesting build.  The finished model came out pretty good specially with the "death blossom" weaponry deployed.


Step 1: Materials and Tools

I had the pleasure of recently purchasing a box of wooden tongue depressors from a local medical supplier.  The slightly larger width of the tongue depressor compared with the widest popsicle stick I have so far was an advantage in modelling the huge (and stubby) Gunstar wings.  My usual supply of thin and thick wooden coffee stirrers, a couple of wooden ice cream cup spoons and various sizes of toothpicks make up the smaller parts of the Gunstar build.

Tools used for this project were:
  • Dremel Rotary Tool Model 3000 and MiniMite with the following attachments:
    • 1/2 and 1/4 inch drum sander (fine & coarse grade)
    • fine and coarse sanding disc
    • #125 and #193 high speed cutter
  • Olfa cutter with #11 Xacto Blade
  • Fine tweezers
  • mechanical pencil and ruler
  • various mini clamps
  • Elmer's white multi purpose glue
  • vinyl cutting mat

Just curious, how big is this? Like what's the longest dimension, front to back?
Hello. The Gunstar is approximately 2.65 inches long and 3 inches wide (with the cherry blossom doors deployed. I wish I could email some pics to show the dimensions but I had trouble attaching files in the comment window. Send me your email so I could forward pictures... Cheers<br><br>Popsicle_mini-models
I'd all but forgotten this movie. Great job! I was clearing out the shed and found a bag of coloured popcicle sticks. Thinking now about building a couple of star wars models for my brothers.
Man! Every time! Every single time! You surpass yourself! Leave the rest of us looking worse than rookies! Awesome model!

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