Mini Harry Potter Book





Introduction: Mini Harry Potter Book

Step 1: Get a Matchbox

Step 2: Cut a Side Off

(One of the sides your strike your match on)

Step 3: Get Paper

Any size paper and any color you want

Step 4: Cut Paper

1.5in X 2in
You need enough pieces to fill the book(about 60 pieces)

Step 5: Get a Glue Gun

Step 6: Glue the Spine

Step 7: Put the Paper on the Glue

Step 8: Print Out Pictures of the Cover, Spine, and Back

Step 9: Tape Them to the Matchbox

Step 10: Your Done!!



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    Good idea!!!! Have fun :)

    awesome! I'm going to make a Percy Jackson one even though I love the Harry Potter series too cx

    Adorable! I'd use one as a sketch book

    Thanks!! It's really easy

    if only they contained the story as well :D lol

    nice little notebook though :)

    Very cool idea the cover photo looks great! I'd love to read some more descriptions of each step though, and try to make each picture look as good as your cover photo. But, anyway, good job!

    Oh my, they are so cute tiny! Love it! :)