this is a simple layout for an atmel 2051 or 4051 IC, this is just a module which has the reset button on the same ic.

the idea of this module is for learning 2051 progrmming, i know that der are trainer modules out der, (i mean i Have 2,) but during my learning, i like paratiicing with servos or motor, or other stuff, so i prefer a module dats customizable, rather than using a bread boared, which later u have to remove, and rearange and stuf..

So this module is basicaly the circuit for the IC 2051

Step 1: Materials and tools u'll need

1 100ohm.25w
1 8.2Kohms or clostest, i have 9.sumthing K ohms
1 4.2 sumthing kilo ohms, (this is just for power indicator led  resistor, 3K to 5K just to reduce consumption)
2 33 or 30 picofard ceramic capacitor
1 10microfarad electrolytic capacitor
1 12MHz crystal (or closest, it depends on u really, some programing may just vary)
2 small led light, green and yellow(or whateveru want)
1 tack switch 2 pins
1 wire about 3 cm
male headers
   2 pc by 1
   1 pc by 4
   1 pc by 2
   1 pc by 9
universal pcb ( the one on the picture is already cutted)

cutting boared    (optional, wer u will cut the universal pcb)
cutter                   (use to cut universal pcv, not optional, i dare u to cut a pcb with a scissors, send me an instructible)
metal ruler           (optional, so u cut the pcb straight)
soldering gun     (DUH!!!)
solder                    (is this optionla.... hmmm...)
suction-a-mathingy (the one that sucks the lead incase u got it wrong, sorry, i'm an amateur,optional)
solderingwax      (optional, but better u have to make a good solder)
safety gogles     (soldering wax somtimes boil and splatters)
exhaust fan        (so u wont inhale fumes, look at my improvice exhaust fan)
Ali                      (an instructible of mine, or u can use other solder helper)
mini vise         (u can use it to hold the pcb while ali holds the pcs while u solder)
and a fan          (coz its hot in our country)

and a clean table, (i dare u to do it while standing up, if u prefer the floor fine,
                                                        Caution, lead is toxic, is it ok to solder in the dinning table??? hmmm)

may be a pitcher of juice or soda (soldering can take a while, i'm an amateur, wiah i had one wen i was working)
It's rare to see a fellow Filipino have an 'ible here. Nice project! just clean up your spelling though.<br>
hahaha! tnx! dis was a draft, i was hoping to join the pocket size contest but i was out of town... TNX...
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