Mini Ice Bowling!





Introduction: Mini Ice Bowling!

 Ever wanted to play a quick round of bowling, but didn't have the money or time to go to a bowling alley? Well with a few common household items you can build your own Mini Ice Bowling set! (This is the result of a very boring day.)

Step 1: Things You Will Need...

1. Some water balloons. (got mine from dollar store, I believe.)
2. Some Kool-aid Bursts bottles. (I used only 5, real bowling has 10.)
3. A freezer.
4. A knife or something to cut bottles with.
5. (Optional) Tape. (For "Lanes")

Step 2: Fill the Balloons and Bottles

Fill the Bottles and Balloons up with water. (Kinda obvious?)

Step 3: Freeze Them!

Put Bottles and Ballons in Freezer overnight.

Step 4: Get the Pins, Balls.

Use your knife to cut away the plastic of the bottles. Now you have "Pins". The balloons rubber should peel right off.

Step 5: Go Bowling!

Go set up somewhere that has smooth floors and go bowl! I used my garage floor.



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    Thats coo, shows what people can achieve when ur board out of ur mind.

    This is sooooo cooool.  You're so creative!

    nice work:P i porbably wouldenta thought of this