Step 4: Mix Soil

Mix soil with used coffee grounds at the ration of nine to one.(used coffee grounds have effect of fertilizer for your herbs)
Awesome!!! Like the ideas for my herbs garden.
Really cute idea! I love unique and creative ways to reuse things instead of just sending them to the recycle bin. Do you have a recipe 'instructable' for the rosemary cookies? They look wonderful!
I liked string/yarn wrapping idea.. I will do the same over my (cheap) plastic pots..
I like this idea a lot, and thought I could use some of the (what seems like) millions of tin cans I seem to have around here, instead of the plastic containers as I am really going off using plastic when I can. 
You can &quot;go off using&quot; plastic all you want, but plastic won't rust and then poison your plants/soil. Spme plastics may leach into your soil a bit, but tin is a bad idea, perhaps you might want to use some ceramics.<br><br>Re-using plastic that has already been used won't hurt the environment or use more fossil fuels. It actually has the opposite effect, when you can re-use and reduce consumption.
Rust is quite natural - even in natural soil. Is this such a big an issue? I'm just curious really :)
This is a wonderful concept. But is the tape and string important, or just for looks?<br>
Thank you for the comment. It's not important to do have the tape and string. As you know, it's just for good looking.
ok, thank you
I'm a tea drinker, so I don't have any coffee grounds. Would tea leaves also work?<br />
<a id="fck_paste_padding" rel="nofollow">Of course. It works well. Used tea leaves can be used as nitrogenous fertilizer for the any plants.&nbsp;</a>
Love the string idea to pretty it up. Thanks for sharing this one. I've wanted to grow some on my kitchen sill and have yet to do it. <br />
Whats the best way to get these plants to grow indoors? I dont really have any natural light.<br />
&nbsp;The best way I recommend is to put the plants next to the window with sun and fresh wind. But as you mentioned, you don't have any natural light, so try to put your plants under any light at least 16 hours per day continuously. The most important thing you should do for them is to air out often. If you have time, bring yours to out of your place and try to take fresh air with it. I hope my comment helps you. Thank you.

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