A cheap (and I mean really cheap!!) Mini Indoor Stunt Kite.
Made from:

Drinking Straws (thin)
Plastic Bag (pedal-bin Liner, the thinner the better)
Cotton Thread (strong white, but any will do if its strong)
stick (balsa, or anything sticklike and even from tip to tip. no taper)

You will also need:

Glue (superglue works best)
Needle (for minor stitching)
Scissors/Craftknife (sharp)

Step 1: Get Your Plans.

To begin with (other than getting the materials) you wil need to get a suitable plan from online. then print the falf image of the kite (as its going to be symetrical) onto an a4 sheet.

or if your great like me (nah only kidding ;) im poo :( ) you can make your own (see measurements pic in next step).

You will need these materials:

Drinking Straws (thin)
Plastic Bag (pedal-bin Liner, the thinner the better)
Cotton Thread (strong white, but any will do if its strong)
stick (balsa, or anything sticklike and even from tip to tip. no taper)

You will also need:

Glue (superglue works best)
Needle (for minor stitching)
Scissors/Craftknife (sharp)
I would replace the drinking straw frame with a bamboo skewer one...
u could but that would probably make it heavier. and would need more force to lift it.<br>i went with straws cos it was lightest, and is plenty strong like that :)
is it possible that you could put more pictures on this? there are like 2 pictures with something so complicated. it's pretty confusing <br />
i would have to make a new one from scratch in order to do that and i dont have the time right now :(<br />
Those are&nbsp;good directions, but I've never made on of these before and I'm completely lost on step 6. Maybe like more pictures, labeling what a &quot;mainspar&quot; is, etc.,&nbsp;would be helpful to people like me who don't know. Thanks!!
ah i referred to the long bit across the kite as the main spar i believe<br />
Do you have any pics of the braces on the underside of the kite? If you do, could you show them?
the straw braces were just sewn to the other straws, I have a new camera now so i should be able to get some better pictures up soon ;)
I like your kite. I want you to know i was the first guy to create an indoor kite and sell it on the market. I sold it under a number of names, house flyer, pocket kite and others. I even set up a factory in south America to produce them. I have photos of the kite and my factory.I will post them if you are interested. It was in the late 70s early 80s. I sold millions of them all over the world. cre8ev
kool stuff. i never seen any other indoor stunt kites tho :) would be nice to.
it looks confusing!
no way! an indoor kite?! that sounds too good to be true :-s try and get a vid on here and i'll beleive it when I see it, and then i would def put the effort in to make one. good instructable though :-) (if it does really work) and yours looks cool... and silky
trust me it works :). if it doesnt work then its either not been made right (whitch is not hard actually) or its not beeing used properly.. remember the lighter the better ;) the silky material on the pictured one is a bit heavy.. but the materials listed are fine :)
how does it fly without wind
when you pull against the lines it gives it a forward thrust as it collects air under it, that air is pushed out the back making it go forward. So you are pulling the kite towards you and around you . you dont need to move, and you end up circling the thing around you or doing figure-of-eights, or even swooping the ground. its easy to get the hang of :)
thanks i think i will make one
hey looks pretty cool good idea
hey can you email me the kite plans privite me for my email
what plans exactly? the ones i printed off from the net? I'm not sure i still have them on pc, but u can use any layout u find online, just search for stunt kite plans. and when u print them out make sure it fills the page (assuming the plan is a half plan like in the pictures). if not its not hard to draw out from a plan.. i'll look on my pc for what plans i have.
i want your plans
ok i made one it crashed realy bad
you need to make sure the thing is even (symetrical) and you may have to play with the bridle. make sure its precice. remember its not good for wind (too small and response is far too fast). its something you need to ge the hang of. also make sure the line lenghths are both equal. if one side is longer than the other the thing will veer off something cronic. To test it out just pull your arm up sharply and the thing should shoot up in the air in front curving from the floor.. if you have experiance with full size stuntkites then it would be easier to understand. The air being blown directly toward the underside causes the lift.. keep trying and if need be make another.. i'll try and better this make soon with proper pics and instructions. Trust me it works ;) practice makes purfect :P
I very much enjoyed this. I am a big fan of all sorts of kites, and this is a lot of fun to play with.
what? you made one already? :S
Not completely. I modified an existing kite, using your method with the dual lines. It is the first time i've flown a kite indoors, and it was enjoyable.
sweet :) you'll have to post a pic :)
So many of the same pictures and lots of text, not attracting to read.
yes i have a severe lack of images for it. but i have made detailed descriptions for each part.. I hope to have more images soon tho to go with it..
I'll make another soon and take detailed pictures of it as I go to put in here (if i can edit it again). its my 1st instructable)

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