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This summer our tomato crop failed to produce because of the heat. My husband brought me three beautiful small tomato's from our garden today. Oh, they were so sweet! I decided to make some inside out BLT's. These adorable BLT's would be great to pack for a school lunch instead of sandwiches. I loved the way they turned out. 
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
I had three tiny tomatoes so I did not need very many ingredients to make a batch. This would be a great recipe for those tiny leftovers. 

Crispy bacon 
Small tomato with green stem
Miracle Whip (I was out of mayo, it would be better.)
Parsley optional
Salt and pepper. ( I did not feel it needed any more salt with the bacon so salty anyway. )
Additional items:
Tooth pick
Tiny star cookie cutter
Basic kitchen tools


Step 2: Dice

Picture of Dice

Step 3: Slice

Picture of Slice
Slice the top of the tomato as shown.
Slice a small sliver off the bottom so the tomato will stand alone.
Slice a circle around the center of the tomato as shown.
Scoop out the inside slightly so there will be enough room for the filling.

Step 4: Toast

Picture of Toast
Cut toast with star cookie cutter.

Step 5: Mix

Picture of Mix
Mix lettuce, bacon, and Miracle Whip. You just need a tiny bit of the dressing. 
Season to taste. 
Scoop a little bacon mixture into the tomato.
Add star using the tooth pick.
Top with tomato stem.
Garnish with parsley and small star. 

Step 6: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

Picture of Sunshiine's Final Thoughts
I asked my husband what he thought of the stuffed tomato's and he said he could eat them twice a week that they were very good. I loved them! Who passes up bacon and tomato's? 

In closing I would like to thank our instructables company, sponsors, authors, readers, and members; for making this community a great success! Many hours and hard work has been put into making this place the best DIY on the Internet. I hope your day shines and thanks for stopping by!


bajablue2 years ago
I'd eat that! ;-P~
sunshiine (author)  bajablue2 years ago
It was soooooo wonderful eating a fresh tomato after waiting all summer! I hope we get more before the big frost! Thanks for commenting! Hope your weekend shiines!
sunshiine (author)  Dusk Shadows2 years ago
They were! I saved one for you! Come on over!
I'm coming
I'm coming
haha so cool
sunshiine (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
Thanks for commenting! They were a lot of fun to make. But way better to eat!
i love blts..even despite finding a slug in one once..uck..LOL
sunshiine (author)  AussieAnglerGal2 years ago
II would never be able to eat it if I found one.
Mmm cool delish
sunshiine (author)  Kitana Kellaway2 years ago
There were! Nothing like a fresh picked tomato from the garden! Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Friday shiines!