Mini Jack O Lanterns (from Oranges)





Introduction: Mini Jack O Lanterns (from Oranges)

Create mini jack o lanterns to decorate your house. Fill them with candy for a unique party favor or fill them with potpourri for a festive air freshener. Just like carving a pumpkin but much faster and who doesn't like baby jack o' lanterns, right?

Things You'll Need
Candy or potpourri

Step 1:

Cut the top off

Step 2:

Hollow it out.

Step 3:

Carve a face!

Step 4:

Fill with candy or potpourri

Step 5:

Apply petroleum jelly to keep the edges fresh and moist. **Although, a little bit of drying adds extra Halloween flare, right?

Step 6:

Happy Halloween



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14 Discussions

Errm - they're quite combustible! Tried a tea-light in one and it lasted about 10 minutes before going up in flames! :})

They do look lovely with lights in, though - you could use those artificial candles or actually probably put a fairy light bulb in each one - that would look really pretty with a whole lot of orange lanterns! They'd have a nice smell too!

I like your fairy light idea. Good thinking. We'd have to eat a lot of oranges though. What a hardship - ha ha ha.

awsome this is so cool thank you for showing me i am a very crafty girl and i am always googleing crafts and how to make things now i got a website to look at thanks for this awsome thing it is very cool i am doing this every year from now on keep up the good work i will cheak this often for things to be posted so there will be things i hope this is a great activaty to do and all the kids i bet will love it so i very hiley sugest that you do this its awsome and it works it looks like a pumpkin onse again keep up the good work i love your little oranges ps i do talk alot so you will proble find sammi truth on here alot so look for me i will tell you good and bad and things i sugjest so please comment on this if you want to ask eme anything puranole or about krafts bye you will probley see sammitruth1567 alot

Very cute! Oranges would make a great sub for small pumpkins since I understand there is a shortage of pumpkins this year. You could put those LED tealights or some LED throwies inside to light them up.

I have mine going on three days and they look okay. The vasoline really helps for around the edges!

Well, i apply Vaseline to my own face when it's Apply overnight and you get instantly smooth skin...better than any lotion!! So i was like it would be perfect for oranges then!

Honey is awesome also. It is a bit spendy though. It sure works nice. Have a great day!

Nice touch! I like the Vaseline idea. Thanks for sharing.