Well, it isn't really 'mini' because the small toroids I wound didn't work :/ I used a 2n3904 Transistor since that was all I had.
I included a Lego guy comparison to size. Hope you like it!

http://rustybolt.info/wordpress/?p=499 <-- More info on the coil for making a joule thief

i made an itty bitty one :D its really cool, i fit the transistor and stuff IN the torriod, and for anyone who cares, and owns a 3ds, these pictures will show up in 3D on a 3ds's browser!!!!! i just made it, and with not very many windings. AAANNNNDDD... my battery is only at like .9 volts so it works GREAT!!!
haha thats nice, I was going to make a smaller one but I didn't have any wire &gt;.&lt;
lol i was using this as a nightlight and my battery picke a perfect tome to blow up all over it &gt;_&lt;
ya its good, i like it.
It's so cool. The red point on the LEGO minifig hed is the Harry Potter's ray.
yeah i know, I use to be a big fan of harry potter!
I do like it!

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