Mini Joystick





Introduction: Mini Joystick

I needed a joystick for a project that i am building but all the ones i had were to big so i decided to build one.

  •  4 Switches
  • Piece of Metal
  • Steel rod
  • 2 Spacers
  • Spring (I used one out of a pen)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Optional - Drill - for if your metal doesn't have a hole

Step 1: Stick Assembly

  • Plug in hot glue gun to warm up
  • Take the steel rod and run a bead of hot glue around one end
  • Place a spacer on the rod next
  • (Optional - drill hole in metal piece)
  • Feed the rod through the hole in your metal
  • Place another spacer on the rod
  • Place the spring next
  • Now compress the spring and run a bead of glue around the end so that when you release the spring it will still be suppressed some resting on the glue

Step 2: Switch Assembly

  • Flip metal over to the under side and hold a switch where it should be placed to make contact when the stick is moved, then mark with a marker
  • Now once you have all the spots marked, glue each switch on
You are now finished, enjoy



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    Awesome! Nice idea!