Step 5: Finishing

Now to finish, tape both of the pieces of cardboard together with the small pieces of cardboard sides facing toghether. Make sure you tape on the sides. To use it blow into one of the sides and you should hear a sound similar to that of a kazoo. The url below will take you to a video of me playing the kazoo.

i dont get how to tape the folded cardboard<br />
I put some notes on the picture of the tape on step 4. Hopefully they help.
Can i use something else than wax paper because i dont think that we have wax paper here in Holland
Ummm... I would use, maybe a piece of a receipt. If you used that it would be more high pitch. You could also use a piece of a&nbsp;plastic bag. &nbsp;&nbsp;
I got a bit confused on step 4, but eventually figured it out.<br/><br/>An interesting and fun little instrument, but it is not a kazoo. It is an primative, unframed, free reed instrument similar to the bilu, which can be heard in some traditional Chinese music ensembles. A leaf, or a long blade of grass, is stretched between the sides of the thumbs and tensioned slightly by bending the thumbs, thereby raising or lowering the pitch. The tone of the instrument can be modified by cupping the hands so as to provide a resonant chamber.<br/>It is in the light orange section here<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ksanti.net/free-reed/description/taxonomy.html">http://www.ksanti.net/free-reed/description/taxonomy.html</a><br/>The kazoo is classified as an indeterminate pitch membranophone. The pitch is determined by the pitch hummed or sung into it.<br/>In the light blue-green section<br/>
Thank you.
A video or audio file of it playing would complete the project, and gain you a lot more votes.

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