The Mini Keg Mp3 player is a great way to show off at the beach or a party. Costs about $60 to $80 and simple to make.

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

Class T- mini amp
12v rechargeable sealed lead acid battery
(1) Aux cable
(1) Aux cable extender
(2) bolts (any length you want)
(4) Nuts
(5) small screws
(6) medium drywall screws
(4) female spade clips
(1) 9" car radio back strap
(1) 6 1/2" MDF speaker ring (any wood ring will do)
(2) 6" or 6 1/2" MDF scraps to mount your items. (or your chose of wood)
(1) 6 1/2" Car Speaker
and of course the Mini Keg but this could work with any body style you wish.

<p>Awesome idea! I built one off of this writeup, but my keg was just a little too small to use a 6.5&quot; speaker at the top, so I used a 5x8&quot; speaker in the side. I also used a bigger battery because I use this at work all day. With a 7.5 Ah battery, this thing lasts all through my 12 hour day with the volume cranked loud. Thanks for writeup!</p>
that looks awesome. im adding a bluetooth chip with an NFC tag to mine soon. ill post the updated instructions as soon as I test it.
can i use 6v battery instead of 12v
well you have to use the power specs of the amp you choose.
<p>wait what is the wattage and ohms of the speaker ? if you use lot of wattage and and ohms in the speaker driver the ic will heat up and destroy !!!1! dont put a 9watt or 6 watts speaker in the speaker will the thing wil do the job</p>
The watts and ohms you need will be dependent on your amp choice. Your speaker needs to be higher watt rating than your amp, it can be much higher, even 200w would be fine. Now if the ohm load is too much (numerically lower) then yes you will cause overheating and/or damage to the amp. Chances are you will meed a 4/6/8 ohm speaker rated at least 15w but preferably 25w+ a 4 ohm speaker will put twice as much load on the amp as the 8 ohm speaker would, but either would be fine as long as the amp is 4ohm stable. Also most amps put out the most wattage at the greatest load.
<p>but kind of the ohms is the resistance of the speaker driver but hi watts will create a heat in the amp and lot of consumption of the amp in the dc volts and will create a fast low of charging as it is if you make one make hi input of load in caps so if you put the 1000 go up caps the result will fascinating the the amp will go crunk up and try to be headbang and and yeah true to that but if you make one with real system driver i mean true part and true schematic maybe will experience with what im saying with it and try i lm386 with make it stereo pls let you see what i mean bro....</p>
actually i live in india and there is no good electronic shop around...
<p>subtitute thats solution</p>
<p>and why seal lead acid if you can use li pol or li ion batt it will do save space and can do portable its dasame !!!!! just dont forget the volt rate </p>
li pol batteries were out of my price range. I also read reviews on some and they were having overheating issues. the keg will be a little heavier but I wony really be lugging it around for too long. it will mostly stay in one place when its in use.
<p>and will do the weight will decrease to and will do can carry it in anyway you want!!!!</p>
<p>I'm guessing you did this to find a purpose for a single speaker, otherwise why didnt you put the other speaker on the other end</p>
2 speakers facing opposite directions win the same airspace will cause some soundwaves to cancel eachother out and sound out of phase.
Although if you reverse the polarity of one of the speakers, they will play in harmony.
<p>Hello there, been looking at a similar project myself except using a single 6x9 speaker in some sort of box. Could you tell me where you got your mini amp please? I've been looking online but keep coming back to car amps. Also, how do you charge your battery? With a motorbike charger or something? Good build, cheers in advance</p>
parts express for the amp, battery and charger came together from amazon.
Stealing from Bby install bay
great project. finally something Heineken is good for ;-)
<p>hi there i found this inside an old big &quot;party speaker&quot;, could i use this for an amp? if so some pointers on how to wire it up would be very helpful. thanks</p>
Negative. That is a high-bandpass filter, otherwise known as a &quot;crossover&quot;. This is NOT an amplifier.
<p>ok thanks for that. i already have an amp picked out for what i am doing. just need to purchase it. </p>
can you send me circuit diagram of amp to make it at home
<p>I think you meant to say (1) 6-1/2&quot; car speaker instead of (6) 1/2 speaker....</p><p>I like this idea! Think I'm gonna build one myself!</p>
oops, ill fix that. thanks
<p>That's AWESOME! I bet you can get good bass with that setup :D</p>

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