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I love to have a little money in other places than my wallet. Is has come in useful more than once. I have already made some mini wallets, out of different materials. Up until today all of them were sewn objects though. Then my toothpaste tube emptied this morning.
I was about to throw it out when I wondered what else it might be good for. The material is actually quite cool. It is squishable but will regain its original shape, it is durable, it doesn't fray when you cut it and there are really pretty tubes out there.
Here comes my little project.

Step 1: This Is What You Need:

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- an empty tube of f.e. toothpaste
- Kam Snaps plus tool
- key ring
- glue
- scissors (I used smaller ones later in the project!)

Step 2:

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Cut the tube in half. If you do NOT want to make two wallets out of one tube, you can cut wherever. I tried to aim for equal halves.
Remove any leftovers (WOW Was I amazed how much there was still in there!).
Wash out thoroughly.

Step 3:

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Put some glue on the screw part and put the top back on. Mark your cutting line. In the photo you can see a dotted line. That is exactly where the 'halfline' is. You need to cut a little over that towards the future flap side. Make sure to make the flappart long enough. Smooth the curves, cut them round.

Step 4:

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Find the spot where you want the snap to be, pierce. Put the snap in and fasten. Repeat with the counterpart.

Step 5:

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Pierce the corner and insert a keyring.
Your FIRST wallet is FINISHED!

Step 6:

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For your second wallet you just basically repeat what you did before. In no time your second wallet will be done!
Only thing left to do is fill it up and add it to your keyring!


arshias3 (author)2017-02-16

Wooow perfect

knopfling (author)arshias32017-02-16

Big smile in my face! Thank you!

kathynv (author)2017-02-15


knopfling (author)kathynv2017-02-15

Thank you!

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