Hi guys! This is my mini knex armory. Grenade, Dagger and gun. I especially like the gun because its smaller than the gun builder's knex pocket pistol ! semi automatic loading and no stock make his better but mines smaller!!=)

Step 1: Grenade

This is the grenade you can put an elastic band around the middle to make it stronger for transport but the photos dont have that in

Step 2: Gun

Mini Gun!!! not many pics for this as you should be able to make it from the pics!!!!

Step 3: Dagger

This is an idea i got off an idea someone had from an instructable but heres my version

Step 4: Done!

is it a block trigger i cant tell...
It is a block trigger.
wot does that mean?
yes me to i dont know what it mean
Why do you make an instructable for the grenade then? The grenade is simple.
You should make a step-by-step instructible for the gun, like the ones for the grenade and knife.
didnt think it was that difficult
it doesnt look automatic loading<br>
its not
there ok...
the dagger isnt to good neither is the grenade but i realy like the gun!!=D
Please dont post block triggers in 2011. Use my P.F.N. as an example.
i will try not to!!=D wonted 2 make it small!
you can just use one elastic band but this is the only on i could find!!!

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