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Introduction: Mini Knex Bow

This Knex bow is great. It's powerful, small, and only uses 4 pieces! Please feel free to mod it, but when you do, tell me. I want to try it out!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
1 rubber band (I used a #33, but whatever works is good.)
2 orange connectors
2 white rods
1 gray rod or whatever works (not shown)

Step 2: Assembly (part 1)

Put rubber band between orange connector prongs like so.

Step 3: Assembly (part 2)

Put white rod over rubber band and push until white rod is secure.

Step 4: Assembly (part 3)

Bring rubber band around back of orange connector and repeat part 2 on other side.

Step 5: Assembly (part 5)

Now loop excess rubber band around back and bring over white rod so it looks like this. (I flipped it around backwards.)

Step 6: Firing

Put rod (I used a gray one) through center hole and put rubber band on the end. Pull it back and let go to fire. Enjoy!



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    Works great on teachers! ;)

    Works great on teachers! ;)

    you could make it a bit less piece consuming... (JK!)

    Aren't you people supposed to be nice and constructive?

    Its more powerful than you think! I built it! amazing +5*

    1 reply

    I doubt you guys even made the bow. I, unlike you guys, don't waste my time and money on huge knex guns. It works great. Maybe if you guys actually tried it rather than just looking at it and judging it by its looks.

    3 replies

    First off I have built tons of things like this and I don't doubt that it works. It's just that we already have too many of these three part guns.

    It's supposed to work, not be shown off. Oh, by the way, it's four parts, not three.

    you all suck leave the guy alone. this is a place to post things we've made not to gripe about what someone else made!

    1 reply