Introduction: Mini Knex Pistol

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This is my knex mini pistol I haven't seen one quite like it It's a small little gun that's very powerful because it can take a lot of bands

Step 1: The Body/Barrel

Picture of The Body/Barrel

Step 2: The Trigger

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Simple trigger

Step 3: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

Make three of these

Step 4: The Sights

Picture of The Sights

These will be clipped on later

Step 5: The Ram Rod

Picture of The Ram Rod

Step 6: Assembaly

Picture of Assembaly

1) Add the trigger to the body 2) Add the handle (I have wrapped some tape around because the gray connecters brake off) 3) Add the sights 4) Add the ram rod 5) Add the band


dr. richtofen (author)2013-09-06

Well, everyone has to start somewhere.
Try looking around the site, build some already posted guns, and learn from them.
One of the things you should do by this time (2013), is making a true trigger, instead of a block trigger one.
Keep on building

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-09-05

It's been done many times before, but I like it ;p

TheRacker (author)2013-09-03

We definitely needed another one of these.

JonnyBGood (author)2013-09-03

I agree with nerfrocketeer. Try building a few guns on this site, this is a good start though.

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-09-03


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