Step 1:

Bottom of the frame

Step 12: Yaaayyy Finished!!

im cofused? where is the uzi?
His is to but yours is a lot more simple
Its a mini uzi
Then where is the Mini Uzi?
lol, I feel your anger!
Well thats fine but mines made out of knex
I know. I don't know how many knex you have, but I'm sure you can make it look more like an Uzi than this.<br> Take a look at<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-uzi-3/" rel="nofollow"> Johnall14's Uzi</a>, that one looks like the Uzi.<br> <br> Just keep building, and try replicating better<br> <br> Also, there is a reply button, use that when replying to someone. They get noted that way
It is a mini uzi thats the point of the mini knex uzi
This is a mini uzi. <br>I mean no offence with what I'm saying, it's just that it doesn't look like the mini uzi. It makes for a good spray gun though ^^
Where is the Uzi?
ik denk dat dit deel 1 is ofso

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