okay, I know its a bit late for christmas, but Peter (lateral thinker) persuaded me to do it. It makes a nice table decoration, and is fairly easy to make, so without further redo, I bring to you, the tabletop Christmas tree.

Step 1: Pieces

It doesn't use much, but here is the pic of what you need.

Step 2: Getting Started

 just follow the pics an you will be fine.
nice! 5*
<p>laughing out loud! (the z is there for no reason! lol)</p>
i kno what it means, but why are you laughing?<br /> oh and the z is their because it has to be their, it makes the plural, and since lol is improperenglish, the z marks that.
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im not america! i live in ireland
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Cool! i have yellow blue connectors to make the star<br>
nice tree i will rate3.5<br />
WHY rate it 3.5!? it deserves either 4.5 or 5* I personaly rate it 5* ^_^
nice 4.5*
Do you want to enter this is my K'Nex Christmas Contest?
Guys I made a smaller one of these that is slightly easier to build, come check it out!
Nice tree, il build loads of these at Christmas :D 5* and subbed
u only need 9
oh u only need six<br>
nice 5 star. i havent built it cos u need like 100 white connectors and i literally have 20
Is the piece list upside down or something?
Sorry, its flipped. I'm sure everyone will cope.
<p>nice tree.</p>
yes thanks! I&nbsp;hope it will get popular next christmas, and I added it to your anti knex gun group 2.
ya i saw it in there you could enter a christmas contest if there is one, obviously around christmas.
Very fine indeed!
thnx<br /> xD<br /> oh did you rate?
I don't know how!<br />
click on how many stars you want to rate it on.<br /> on the side
Not bad, good job! 4*<br />
Uhhhh.... you managed to flip the picture in step 1.... or was that intentional?<br />
oh, whoops I forgot, I'm using the inbuilt camera and it flips everything.<br /> I'll change that.
Kewl! 5 stars :)
Great pictures, specially the first one giving me a good look at the parts.<br /> <br /> While its too late for Christmas, this Instructable is educational in that its showing newcomers what Knex is all about.<br /> <br /> And congratulations Visper, this is your first Instructable not connected with weapons and bangs.<br /> <br /> Peter.
&nbsp;O.....O<br /> ......v<br /> ..\___/

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