Mini Knives


Introduction: Mini Knives

Step 1: Supplies

(you can use any size but i used 5 cm nails)

Step 2: Tools

Sharpening Stone
Anvil (I used a railroad spike)

Step 3: Hammering

Hammer the tip of the nail flat.

Step 4: Keep Hammering

Keep hammering up the nail.
Hammer until you like the size of the blade.

Step 5:

Step 6: The Handle

Hammer the flat en of the nail to the same me size at the un hammered part of the nail.

Step 7:

Slightly hammer the rest if the un-hammered.

Step 8: Sharpening

Sharpen the knife.

Step 9: Enjoy!



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    Nice I might try it

    Sorry for all of the typos. I was typing this in kind of a hurry

    A concrete nail might make a knife that could be hardened and tempered.

    Nice! Perhaps you could try heating up the nail with a torch.

    Y try this yesterday