Ready to spice up your craft-making skills this Halloween season? Say good-bye to your candles! Here's how to make a small, high-tech, jack-o'-lantern that uses a bright LED.

I was actually inspired by this project:
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

I liked the idea, but I really wanted to design my own circuit that I could switch on an off, and I wanted to use a different LED color and pumpkin size.

Step 1: Pumpkin Carving Materials

For this project, you'll need a small pumpkin and some carving tools. This pumpkin was sold at my local store as a pie pumpkin, but it's perfect for carving. Plus, it was less than $2. I also used a $1 pumpkin carving saw and a spoon for all of the actual carving, but just use whatever you'd like
Does anyone know of a good way to make the LED flicker? I wanted to make one of these with and LED so that I can leave it on all night and I think it would look allot better if it flickered.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Flameless_candle_from_an_attiny13/">This</a> should do it.<br/>
maybe low frequency ac
Where is a good place to buy these parts online?
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.digikey.com">http://www.digikey.com</a><br/>
Even better if you bought ceramic or even plastic jack-o-lanterns so they don't have to be remade
you also need to make sure the polarity on the led is correct.
Good and simple example for beginners especially for teenagers who like to learn electronics.
Nice job!
Great, but I think a candle looks more realistic.
Realistic? Can glowing pumpkins with faces cut out of them look realistic? ;)

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