Introduction: Mini Lava Lamps

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How to make Lava Lamps

Step 1: Supplies

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oral syringe, water, cups, container w/lid, oil, food coloring, hot glue/epoxy.

Step 2: Oil

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Fill container 2/3 with oil.

Step 3: Water

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Add food color to small amount of water. Fill syringe with water.

Step 4: Drops

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Put syringe into oil release a few drops.

Step 5: Cover

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Cover the container with a lid add glue for security if you want.


DIY-Guy (author)2017-07-30

My lava lamp (the modern version of the original unit) has "lava" that seems to harden when cold, like wax. Does anyone know what ingredients the original lava lamps use?

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2017-07-27

Fun! So do you just shake it up when you want to see the colored oil move around?

Swansong (author)2017-07-27

Those are cute :) This would make a great kids' craft!

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