Introduction: Mini Led Dice

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Material,s required for mini led dice

1.soldering iron
2.soldering wire
3.vero board cutter

Parts you need

1. 8 pin ic socket
2. 7 led,s
3. pic12f629a
4. 10k ohm (1)
5. speaker
6. 3.7 volt lipo battery
7. vero board
8. wires
9. charging connector
10. switch

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

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circuit diagram and schematics

Step 2: Design and Pics

Picture of Design and Pics

Step 3: Video


chetancc (author)2012-12-28

I want to program PIC12F629 with readymade .hex code. Which programmer should I use? I would like to know the best and cheapest programmer available. I bought PICKIT2 clone from India but I had very bad experience with it. I couldn't program with it.
Can you please suggest me good programmer?

Kiteman (author)2012-01-22

That's nice, a very useful size, but we need a lot more details of the build, and the video needs to be in focus.

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