this is a simple LEGO thing that I got off a LEGO manual. It doesn't need much.
Make sure to upload lots 'o pictures!

Step 1: Materials

like I said, it doesn't need much.
The landing pad was a nice touch.
thanks! <br>I used it 'cause the table was glass and the pictures would've come out a bit too shiny
This is a great idea!<br><br>Some tips for next time would be lay a piece of A4 paper on the floor and put the helicopter on it and then take photos to get nice backgrounds!<br><br>Very well done!! I really like this ible!
it was my 1st instructable and i forgot to use my tripod <br>thats why the pictures are so blurry :P <br> <br> <br>thanks for the complament!

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Bio: I'm a 13 year old mexican american who likes robotics , cooking, origami, video games and a bunch of other useless junk.
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