Introduction: Mini Lego Robots

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In this instructable I am showing you A simple easy discing

Step 1: The Pieces

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These can be any color you whould like

Step 2:

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Take this weird piece

Step 3:

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And some of these

Step 4:

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And place them on the sides

Step 5:

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Take another and place it on the front

Step 6: The Head

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Take a 1x1 with clip

Step 7:

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And place a 1x1 cilender on the bottom

Step 8:

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Place a 1x1 stud smooth on the stud side

Step 9: Yay

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Now it's time to connect them by taking the head and clipping it to the grey thing

Step 10:

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Step 11:

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Now just add the arms to the red things and your done

Step 12:

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Now you have your mini lego robot

Step 13:

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You can. Also move the head back and forth. Thanks for doing


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