Mini Lego Star Wars Star Fighter




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Introduction: Mini Lego Star Wars Star Fighter

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This is my first project on here so please comment if I need some more work on it, thanks and I hope you enjoy

Step 1: Collect Pieces for Ship

You must first collect all the following pieces to build the star ship which isn't very hard if you want a look that suits you. Here are the pieces.

Step 2: Assemble Nose of Ship

Step 3: Assemble Body of Ship

If you noticed that I moved the green piece up from the bottom sorry to confuse you

Step 4: Assemble Thruster and the Pilots Seat

Step 5: NOW Put It Together

Step 6: Now Your Done and Cork Bear Approves, Thank for Looking, Like and Follow!



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    you should see my lego star speeder, it is cool and really similar to this!

    It's not, even the new one doesn't have obi wan star fighter

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