This will show you how to make a lego model of the USS Voyager from Star Trek.
it includes a display stand.

The steps are in the photos, i have highlighted the pieces you need to add.

I had a lot of fun making this one; look for more star trek Lego soon!

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Step 1: The Pieces.

Here is a list of parts you need to build this.

Step 2: Rear / Bottom.

First make the rear part of the model.

Step 3: Main Body.

Next the main part of the ship.

Step 4: Bottom Plates.

Now we add the two plates on the bottom.

Step 5: Thrusters.

Now the last part of the model, the thrusters.

Step 6: Base.

This is the display base for all you displaying needs.

(This part is optional.)

Step 7: Done!

Now your finished with your very own Voyager!

Yay! Voyager is my favorite star trek series besides TNG!
Nice! But you might want to add an picture of the ''real'' one<br>4.5*
Thanks! i think i will.
No problem =D And ok, cool
Ha ha... that's sooo cute! ;)
Thank you. :D

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