3D Printed Mini MP3 Player


Introduction: 3D Printed Mini MP3 Player

Visit www.project3dprint.com to download the STL files and order the electronics for this project! Then watch the instructional video on how to assemble it all together!

This is one tiny MP3 player! But it’s also super easy to print and put together, with no soldering or electronic assembly whatsoever. Perfect for working out at the gym, running your favorite trail or taking to the football game so you can tune into your favorite commentary! It features an inbuilt FM radio (FM87.0~108MHz) and supports micro SD/TF cards up to 8GB to store all your favorite tunes. It has an inbuilt lithium-ion battery that will keep those tunes pumping for around 5 hours. Charging the player is easy with the supplied USB to mini-USB cable. The printing files include a detachable collar clip so you can easily clip this little printed gadget to your clothing and show it off!



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    I am looking at making 1000 of these players preloaded with ALL of the music by 'The Cardiacs'. The lead-singer & writer had a heart-attack and stroke in 2008 and we are working on keeping him a private place. Can you build from sketches & the bare-board with the chipset - 1000 units.


    Hi, Can I ask what CPU you used and if you had considered Vorbis Opus which has a range of 2.4Kb/Sec to 510Kb/Sec. None of the coders seem to have specified the Dhrystones but suggested it would work on the iPod. Now, I don't know if they mean the audio only or the video. One is 2x75MHz, the latter 600MHz!