Introduction: Mini Macramé Hanging Planter

You can make this tiny DIY using string and recycling coffee caps. It will take less than 10 minutes to make it. It can be hung attractively

You just will need 3 strings and used coffee capsules (we will recycle them)

Step 1: Steps

You can make this tiny DIY using string and recycling coffee

You can see all the steps on the images, or you can see the video

Step 2: Steps

  • Start with 3 pieces of string
  • Foold them in half an make a knot near the top, forming a loop.
  • This will be your hanger.
  • Take two pieces of string and tie them into a knot.
  • Repeat with each piece of string.
  • Then, do this again just a bit below, using one string from each pair to form a new pair.
  • Continue this using varied spacing between levels
  • Make three holes on the aluminium capsules, and another one on the bottom.
  • Tie the strings to the coffee capsule.
  • Pass all the strings through the holeo n the bottom.
  • Again, take two pieces of string and tie them into a knot, and repeat again.
  • You can créate your hanger as long as you want to.

Step 3: Images


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Oh my cute! Great 'ible :)

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Adorable! What a great way to display succulents. :D

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