Introduction: Mini Marshmallow Kabobs

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Mmmmmmmm! These cute kabobs are easy and really fun to make (why else would you make something so tiny?).

Step 1: Ingredients :P

Picture of Ingredients :P

You will need:

~ Marshmallows (I would show you pics of them seperately but we ate them all)

~ Toothpicks

~ Matches (or other source of flame >:D)

Step 2: Assemble :)

Picture of Assemble :)

Put the marshmallows on the toothpick. Pretty straight forward.

Step 3: Toast and Enjoy ;D

Picture of Toast and Enjoy ;D

Have fun setting your marshmallows on fire! ;) If you liked this 'ible vote for me in the big or small contest.Thanks! :D


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