Mini Marshmallow Crossbow


Introduction: Mini Marshmallow Crossbow

About: US. NAVY Veteran. weekend wood worker, that likes to challenge myself with unique projects.

How to make a fun and simple shooter for those mini marshmallows. Limited tools project to use up that ,what would be tossed scrap wood.

Step 1: Grab Some Scrap Wood. This Is a Limited Scrap Wood Project

Although this is not exactly trash to treasure, or is it? If you throw away small scraps of wood after a project, then this is a way to use them up. It's also a good limited tools project. The video credit goes to Steve Ramsey of woodworking for mere mortals for doing the instructional video. ( honestly my video skills are really bad). Check out Steve's channel. He has lots of easy and cool projects.

I do not have photos of the initial build process, but the video shows the steps required to build this project. The video also offers free plans.

If you would like more detail or get stuck on any of the steps ,please feel free to comment and I will help you out.

This is really a fun build. Hope you give it a try.

I will try and get some pictures together and write up the process for download.



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    Great looking design!!

    If you feel inclined to write up some steps to cover the build process, I'm sure this would get featured ;)

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    There is a complete start to finish video. Template included

    It's a great video, and I love that you collaborated with Steve Ramsey. He's a stud!

    It's just a tip if you'd like to get a little more traffic to your projects. In order to be featured, an instructable needs full written steps. Here's a good guide on the topic if you're curious


    Thanks for the tips. I will use that advice going forward. Yes, Steve and I have worked togeather on several projects.