Step 2:

Step 1: Bend the paper clip into a rocket launcher, set aside.
very nice -- i first learned how to do this when i was 8 years old. we would practice with matches between the wooden garages, in the weeds, where the 'grown-ups' couldn't see us, in the suburb of (i'm not telling)
LOL thanks for commenting.
cool :P
don't have matches at all !! :-(((((
I'm sorry! Hope you can find some soon. Thanks for looking.
What if you don't have match book matches?<br>
I've never done them with wood matches, because I think that they would be too heavy to fly off. You can try them if you want. I bought the matchbook matches at walmart and I have seen them at grocery stores. They are around $1.50 for a box of 1000 matches, thats 50 match books. Right now I have two boxes of them. I wish that I could just send you some.
In our country, they sell a box of matches for P 15.00 = $ 0.30 with 1000 matches in it :))))
I found mine at a Wawa(Gas station) but they gave me them for free. WIN!
Hurray! Good luck on you Rocket Making!
&gt;.&lt; Failure to launch.
I'm sorry! Try again.
Very cool I like it, I'm gunna try it out tomorrow

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