I created these cakes for May Day, a holiday sandwiched between Easter and Mother's Day and so often overlooked! There's something so nostalgic and whimsical about maypoles and the traditions that surround them and I knew I wanted to make a Maypole cake topper that celebrated them. Mini bundt cakes were the perfect pair for these Maypole toppers, made with striped paper straws and pastel ribbon. 

Step 1: Supply List

Paper Straw
Round candy or jelly bean, glue and a toothpick (Optional, for pole topper)
Mini Bundt Cakes
<p>its me again lol they are awesome</p>
<p>I really want to make some</p>
How cute is it ! Love it.
That is just too adorable. :D And it seems easy enough that you could make lots of them!

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