Mini-mechanical pencils. How can you say that and not grin?

Step 1:

Acquire a pencil that the end can come off. Take off the end.

Step 2:

Take out the lead and break the pieces in half.

Step 3:

Put for two thumbs in the center of the pencil and break it.

Step 4:

Now you will see a semi-clear tube. Get scissors and cut at the edge of the broken pencil.

Step 5:

Put the lead in and the cap on and, voila, mini-mechanical pencil.
<p>lots of boys do that in my 3rd period class when they are bored. </p>
<p>cute tutorial! Mine was perfect for American Girl doll scale!</p>
<p>That's really cute, but I'd love to see some better pictures!</p>
<p>Sorry. My cams not here so I had to use my computers cam.</p>

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