Introduction: Mini Milk Crate Cut on a Laser

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Make your own Mini Milk Crate
Follow the step by step photo instructions to learn how!

I made mine at TechShop Detroit!

You'll need

Material of choice - I used clear 1/8 acrylic
Laser SBU @ TechShop Detroit
CorelDraw - {file attached}
About 2 hours

To change the size of your box:

The box is currently set for 1/8" material. To change the size or material thickness use a box maker program. Here is a link to my favorite one, it's free can be opened in CorelDraw.

Box Maker:



lwaring (author)2013-10-15

I don't see the file either. Any one else got it?

acidice333 (author)2013-07-29

yes where is file?

wil_from_France (author)2013-07-03


please, where's your Corel file???

Bad_Barbarian (author)2013-01-24

Indeed, where is the attached file?
This is a great idea I wish to use!

q8ag (author)2012-10-17

Hey there! THIS IS SO COOL!!!, but i cant find the attached file, how can i get it?

krusty (author)2012-08-13

Very cool :)

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