Christmas is over, but unfortunately there's lots of winter still to go. It seems such a shame to have to take down all the decorations and lose the festive spirit so early on, before cabin-fever has even had an opportunity to set it. Seems to me a little bit of festive decorating would help lessen the winter blues. So I thought I'd present an idea that can be the seed for many other decorating projects, and one that is very simple too.

These cute little mittens take less than 10 minutes to make. And if you make more than one, the time needed for each set is even less.

Step 1: Make a Mitten Template and Trace

You'll begin by making a mitten template from cardboard so you can trace around it. I have two templates I use: the one used for this tutorial, and one that's basically the same but a little taller and narrower. My templates are about 3" tall, but you can make them any size, even super teenie if your eyes and fingers can take it.

Take a piece of fleece or felt and double it. Begin tracing the pattern for as many mittens as you'd like to make. You'll probably need a marker to be able to write adequately on the fleece. Leave about 1/2" between each pattern for a seam allowance.
Well-done and very pretty!

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