Small, basic motor shield for testing project with arduino.

Its based on transistor, but if you have smd mosfet, that better.

Step 1: Part List, Circuit, Pcb

Part list:

- BCX56 transistor (if no Mosfet)

- a diode (arduino protection)

- 1K resistor (arduino - transistor Base)

- some pin header

The circuit:

Very simple, based on the 1000 other on the internet :)

Motor+ and Motor- pins for the motor connect

MVcc: The motor power if use external battery, connect here, the GND is same with the arduino GND.

GND: Arduino GND

A: Arduino output pin. Im used pin3.

The PCB:

Its small... :D

<p>this can only go forward</p>
<p>There is the two way version:</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Mini-H-Bridge-for-arduino/</p>
Smart idea! Thanks for shearig :)
<p>It is very small! Interesting concept, thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thanks again. :)</p>

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