Step 5: Fit the frame to the touchsurface, mount the LEDs

Picture of Fit the frame to the touchsurface, mount the LEDs
This step covers the installation of the Lexan touchsurface and LED lights into the frame built in Step 3 of this Instructable.

Before permanently affixing the frame to the Lexan, check to ensure the frame fits the 8-inch by 10-inch Lexan touchsurface by sliding the Tile Divider strips (from Step 3) onto the edges of the touchsurface: it should fit nice and snug in its happy new frame. Also, check to be sure that there are no plastic burrs left in the Tile Divider from drilling the LED holes, as these can make the frame fit poorly. Once you've checked the fit, it's time to glue the frame and the Lexan together into a single unit.

Remove the Tile Divider frame, and peel the protective covering back about one inch back from the edges of the Lexan, taking care not to remove it completely. Then, slide the frame back onto the Lexan, without the covering in between the two. Be sure that the frame section that has the LED holes is put on the Lexan edge that was polished smooth!

When all the sides of the frame are on adjusted to your liking, use some crazy glue (or any glue) to glue the corners of the frame to each other. Try to glue frame sections to each other not to the Lexan. If some glue gets on the Lexan, it's not a big deal and shouldn't affect your touchsurface.

Now that the frame is mounted to the Lexan, it's time to mount the LEDs to the frame.
Before permanently gluing the LEDs through the holes in the frame) try a few test runs to make sure you have them positioned properly. For best quality 'blobs' the LEDs shouldn't face straight into the edge of the Lexan, they need to be mounted at a slight angle to the edge of the Lexan: about 20-30 degrees angle off of horizontal (see image for more detail). The angle will help make the light the escapes where the Lexan is compressed brighter and clearer.

To position the LEDs for easier wiring later: be sure to mount all of the LEDs so they are rotated to have the ground pin (the longer pin) on the top.

Once you are satisfied with the angle and position of the LEDs, mount them permanently in the frame by holding the LED in place and applying crazy glue around the outside of the LED where it touches the frame. Hold those LEDs in place until they dry completely! (This is why we recommend using crazy glue).

Now that the LEDs are in place, it's time to start doing the wiring.