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I am making this at my house soon, so please don't comment on the lack of pictures.


  1. Wildflower seed mix
  2. Small loader (Such as a skid-steer, but a shovel can be used)
  3. Kiddy pool
  4. Food plot plant of your choice
  5. Elbow grease
  6. As much land as you are comfortable with using

Step 1: The Pool

Dig a hole about three inches (that's about 8 cm for you metric type) wider than the kiddy pool. It should be the same depth as the pool. Set the pool in the hole you just dug and pack the dirt around it. An aerator or something to keep the water moving is a good idea. Fill the pool with water. This will be a watering hole for deer, birds, ETC.

Step 2: Planting

The flower mix and food plot mix should be planted according to the instructions on the bag. You can mix the two if you want, but I plan to plant a ring of flowers around a ring of food plot around the pool. They will need watered until they are established.

Step 3: Optional

Pine and apple trees are great. Feel free to make this as big as you want. If viewing this before June 27 please consider giving me your vote for the Animals in the Wild challenge! If before July 18 for the Beyond the Comfort Zone. Thanks for reading


gdsmit1 (author)2017-05-24

So, did you make this yet?

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