Hey all, someone gave me the idea to make an inexpensive panoramic camera jig using a kitchen timer for some awesome time lapse footage. The whole project costs under $5!! Unless of course you need to buy the camera as well ;)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Ok so lets get started. As always, we begin with the tools and materials involved. Pick up a kitchen timer (bought mine at walmart for around $3) 1/4"-20 bolt at least 1-1/2" long Wing nut (can be substituted with a regular hex nut) Stop nut (can be substituted with yet another regular hex nut) small L-bracket (the smallest one you can find) Tiny bolt (just found it lying around in my toolbox). Tools: I found it helpful to have a drill with assorted drill bits and a rotary tool with a metal cutting wheel attachment.
This is just genius. simple and very useful.
I love it... (thinking how to use this idea with a tripod and a galaxy s3 phone) thank you and if I can I will post what mine looks like.

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