Mini paper basketball hoop great for a constant distraction from homework and other things and can take less than a minute to make.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a 2 pieces of regular printer paper to make the hoop and the paper basketballs.
too bad ur not allowed to do this during state testing (STAAR)
this is awesome i love it and its easy :)
nice mate
hey how 2 pinch dem 2 gethr man!!!??????????
hey,cthanks for posting this but i dont get step 4 part 3 because it says pinch it so all 4 triangles come together but I just cant do it<br />
so blurrrrrr!!!!<br /> <br />
what if you flip your paper andfold it so the corners and the fold meet.
i like this thing its fn when you're sick thanx!! :) :) :)
Pretty creative. Definetly going to use it in class.
You first picture is not the same as what you taught us to make. why? The first one looks much better.
this is great. its also prtable! just undo the hoop, and fold the stand parts behind that.
i made this for my sick brother. he enjoys it.

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