Picture of Mini Staple Cessna-172
Mini C-172 022.JPG
This Instructable is a thank you for all those who liked the Staple Sailplane and were looking for something a little more challenging. Many pilots will tell you that the planes they remember the most are the ones they first learned in. Because of this, I decided to do my next glider in the shape of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the plane I am currently using for my private pilot. This glider is smaller than its sailplane brother, measuring 40 millimeters in fuselage length, 53 millimeters in wingspan, and 8 millimeters in height. It is also slightly less aerodynamically adept than its sailplane counterpart, due to its short and wide wings and stubby empennage. It is, however, fairly stable and forgiving, much like the real C-172. Hope all of you enjoy it and post any suggestions, concerns, corrections, recommendations, and pictures in the comments section!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1) Paper
- Most paper or post-its will work.
- The piece should be at least 4x6 centimeters.
- The piece should also have about the same thickness and weight of computer paper.

2) Stapler
- Use standard staples. They are approximately 1.5 centimeters in length.

3) Scissors
- Use a small, sharp pair.

4) Metric Ruler
- Small, clear rulers work the best for this project.

5) Pencil
- Mechanical pencils or a well-sharpened wood pencil is ideal.

Step 2: Fold Paper in Half

Picture of Fold Paper in Half
Fold the piece of paper you will be using in half. If you are using a Post-it Note, fold the two sticky sides together. This will hold the sides steady during the next steps.
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It'd idint fly whith me

it it

it it

it it

stgkilla7 months ago

nice plane but some times it flys when it wants to but i like it

It glides very well and it is very well constructed
noob0061 year ago
can you make a mini staple Boeing 747-8
Would you be able to make the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk? I have a diagram for it here. Thanks.
i built it!!
padios2 years ago
can u make more of them?
White_Wolf2 years ago
My first was a Cessna 150.
m1n1j1mmy2 years ago
I think 1/8 is a little too accurate for my fingers, but I'll give it a shot!
Awesome glider by the way :D
Jsquared242 years ago
I flew a cessna 172 for air cadets, and that was really fun! this is an awesome model!
heavyfire882 years ago
Does this fly ?
pmet (author)  heavyfire882 years ago
Yup! check the youtube video on step 12!
lift is made by air being turned down. newtons law. not bernoullian
pmet (author)  bungholio902103 years ago
Newtonian lift (air being deflected downward as a result of angle of attack) constitutes only a part of total lift. The difference in pressure between the top and bottom of the wing DOES play a significant part in the production.
hjklkjh3 years ago
how do you put on the wheels?
pmet (author)  hjklkjh3 years ago
I cut them out of paper, colored them, and attached them to the fuselage with superglue. Afterwards, I gave them a light coat of superglue to reinforce them.
WEWT new orange scissors.
hvanskike3 years ago
How far do you put the flaps on the wings
pmet (author)  hvanskike3 years ago
They are the same length as the flaps. Hope this helps!
sappiah3 years ago
This may sound dumb but i don't know what 4x6 sized paper is. could you give me it in ruler measurment plz
pmet (author)  sappiah3 years ago
The paper should measure 4 centimeters (1 1/2 inches) in length and 6 centimeters (2 /12 inches) in height. Hope this helps!
umm... where is the template?
pmet (author)  frisbeechamp19833 years ago
The template is the picture above. I'll try to make a pdf version as soon as I can.
pen blade3 years ago
Thats just awesome!
nanamera6243 years ago
it was so cool man it can fly clean and strait
pmet (author)  LaffyDuck1873 years ago
will do will do :)
what angle is that back fin supposed to be at it looks parallel to the end of the fuselage
pmet (author)  cshaughnessy3 years ago
The back fin, or the vertical stab, is parallel to the fuselage. Hope this helps!
subti73 years ago
This is my second paper clip plane and this thing flies the best and straightest.
pmet (author)  subti73 years ago
glad to hear that it flies well!
mikedude5243 years ago
If i print off the template for this, how many staples should i use?
did your plane fly?
Yeah. I didn't need to staple it. I just put some glue inside of it.
pmet (author)  mikedude5243 years ago
If you scale the template down to the correct proportions, you will only need one staple. If you print it out at a bigger size, keep adding staples until the glider's center of gravity is in the middle of the wings.
ok thx.
corn holio3 years ago
Dude mine never flew but it made a nice desk toy.
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