Mini Paperclip Sling-shot




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Introduction: Mini Paperclip Sling-shot

Fun easy slingshot to play with friends

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

1. Paperclip

1. Rubber band

Lots of bottle caps(for shooting you friends :)

Pair of pliers

Step 2: Straightening the Paperclip

Use small fine tip pliers to make the paperclip as straight as possible.

Step 3: Bend the Paperclip

With the pliers grab as close to the center as you can. Dont worry if its not perfect it wont matter.

Step 4: Make the Arms

Abuot two inches down bend them out so it looks like a " y"

Step 5: Bend the Arms to Hold the Rubberband

At the tip of the arms make a circle to hold the rubberband in place. Do this to both sides

Step 6: Go Shoot Your Friends!!

If you like this instructable please share with your friends so you can have bottlecap wars.



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    grammar natzi here he spelled straight wrong!

    Cute! I'll try it.

    Fun, simple project. Nicely done, and you explained how to make it very well! :)