Mini Pen





Introduction: Mini Pen

its a cool mini pen that just looks abnormal
also i want to be cliched and say that this is my first instructable

Step 1: Materials

the only materials you need is

duct tape
a bic pen
and an x-acto knife

Step 2: Dissasemble and Cut the Ink

first you have to comletely dissasemble the pen and slice the ink at the desired length(preferably over a paper towel)

Step 3: Cover the End

now use the duct tape to cover the end of the ink so it does not leak

Step 4: Cut the Shaft

now cut the shaft to the correct length judging by the length of the ink


Now finally reassemble the pen and now youve got a freakish mini pen



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    you need lessons on camera focus!!!!!.....................ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why won't you just use up the ink until it goes to that level so you won't get a mess and get some use out of that?

    Haha if you didn't know that was a pen.........BLOODY MURDER!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! lol great instructable tho...

    it looks a little like a pencil in the blurd pic.

    my pen keeeps snaping at eh part of the cuting how can i make it propaly i used sizers it it the right tool.

    I drilled a hole through the lid of mine and attached a super-tiny keyring through it. I then clipped it to my keyring. Awesome. I keep a waterproofed strike anywhere match (cut and shaved down slightly), a safety pin, a sewing needle and some thread in mine. I'm thinking about wrapping a few rounds of duct-tape on my next one. You never know when you'll need duct tape.


    sweet!!!!!! thanks for this cool idea, i just made on and i love it. when i cut the ink tube to fit it flew off right into the trash can! SCORE!

    I like to keep a pen in my pocket so I can take notes for business calls to my cell phone when Im out of the office. Regular size pens are to big to carry in my pocket all the time. These are hard to find at the store. Making it yourself was quick and easy. I wonder how well it will work down the road though with one end of the ink tube taped shut.