Introduction: Mini-Pen

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a cool mini-pen.

Step 1: What You Need

You just need a pen and a wood saw!

Step 2: How to Do

1- Disassemble your pen.
2- Cut the load of the pen to te size you want.
3- Cut the structure of the pen to the thise of the load.
4- Join everything together.
5- Apreciate your mini-pen. You can make it your keychain.



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I did this with a pair of scissors, but I found that the ink may leak, so I taped over the cartridge.
Does/did yours leak too?

What you can do is to remove the rubber end with the metal ball point
(and be careful not to lose the metal ball point because it is not secured to the rubber end)

Then cut the ink cartridge to the desired length from the removed pen tip side
(not the air bubble side).

Then replace the pen tip.

Hope this helps ;)

nope, because i retire a bir of ink for it
vote for it in the big small contest pls :D

I still found it leaking, which can be a pain with pens.
Good 'ible though. best of luck in the contest.