Mini Perry the Platypus


Introduction: Mini Perry the Platypus

This is a perry the platypus :) It is entirely made of oak wood and hand carved. It consists of 7 separately carved pieces fitted together. He is about the length of a house key and can stand balanced on his own. His tail has been textured with a dremal to give it the crossed lines and then sprayed with a gloss orange then an enamel.  He weighs very little but is very durable. all the pieces have been neatly fitted into on another then glued and reinforced.. To be honest, i love the character and hey, who would not want a perry the platypus?  If anyone desires to make one of these just shoot me a message and i can post the blueprints and dimensions with instructions on how I made it.



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    Lol, you don't know who Perry is?? Oh yeah did you look at the robotic personal assistant I posted?